One of the most interesting things about being a freelancer is the way jobs can materialize from a series of random events. I am always vowing to myself to spend more time “finding” jobs, networking, etc. but in reality most of the time I find that the universe provides opportunity often enough. . .  I just have to be ready to say “yes”.

Peter Mulvey & Sista Strings at Threshold

A few weeks ago I went to see my friend, Peter Mulvey, perform a benefit show at a new (to me) venue in our neighborhood called Threshold.  Truth be told, I might not have gone (as much as I love Peter & his music) but Peter needed to borrow a sound system and Josh was out of town. So I brought the equipment over to the venue and Peter put me on the list. I’m so glad that I stayed! Not only was it a FABULOUS show (he performed with an amazing duo called Sista Strings) but I got to see this beautiful space that I didn’t even know existed (or at least didn’t know what it looked like inside) and I met the effervescent owner of Threshold, Efrat. She told me that they were trying to spread the word about Threshold as a venue/ event space/ community center and hoped that I could help.

Currently Efrat and I are planning an “open house” at Threshold for September 22. For the next few weeks I will be reaching out to various groups, businesses and individuals in the community who I think might be interested in renting the space. . . musicians, chefs, wedding planners, community organizers, support groups, party planners, small businesses, etc. It’s a beautiful space with several unique rooms and could be perfect for so many different kinds of events! Also, I’ll be doing some more “traditional” freelance work like maintaining/ updating the website, facebook page and more. But I am really looking forward to spreading my wings and getting out from behind my computer for a little bit. I told Efrat about my varied background in Madison: selling vintage clothing, participating in and planning craft fairs & vintage prom, working in the service industry, planning & promoting music events. .. it seems like this is a job where I can use all of those skills and all of the contacts & connections I’ve made over the years.

Ok, back to work!