Other jobs I’ve had: house “flipper”, music booking agent, waitress, vintage clothing seller (and pop-up shop creator), screen printer, art gallery associate

Nice to meet you.

I’m Jess and I specialize in design, development and marketing strategy for small to medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs/ solopreneurs. I love helping people achieve the vision that they have for their business. So if you are looking for help identifying your ideal clients/ customers/ fans, and how to reach them, I’d love to hear from you! I have helped many businesses of all sizes increase their online presence, refine their branding, boost sales/ visibility/ client outreach, navigate technical and design issues and more. Take a look at some of the testimonials from past clients!

I grew up in Atlanta, GA and studied fine arts (with a focus on photography) & art history at the College of Charleston in lovely Charleston, SC. I moved to Wisconsin over 12 years ago, and though I am still getting used to the frigid winters, I love the community I’ve found here in Madison, and all the great things this area has to offer. Shortly after moving here, I studied graphic design and web design at Madison College (MATC) and fell in love with the process of design and the thrill of seeing my work on the web. Fast forward 3 years, after working full-time as a designer, photographer and web maintenance guru at a high-end clothing retailer, I decided to strike out on my own as a freelancer!

I am passionate about being self-employed for many reasons, mainly because of the flexibility and freedom it gives me to purse other interests and hobbies:


I don’t play an instrument, but my husband, Josh, is a touring musician and because of him I have been very active in the folk music world: touring across the US & Europe with him, booking gigs, promoting shows (currently as “The Wisconsin Room presents”), and working with other independent artists on design & website projects! 


Travel is one of the most important things to me, and a life-long passion. I was lucky to grow up in a family that valued travel and having new experiences, and I have brought that into adulthood. I have been fortunate to spend a great deal of time seeing most of North America and Europe, but my favorite place so far is probably Istanbul, Turkey! 


Like a lot of people I’m a big softie for animals. This year my husband and I started fostering dogs & cats with Underdog Pet Rescue and it has been incredibly fun and rewarding (and yes, challenging at times)! 


I love anything that involves being on or in water. My father is a life-long sailor and I grew up learning the basics of it from him. After many years of not sailing, my childhood hobby was rekindled when I joined the UW Hoofers Sailing Club – an amazing resource that we have here in Madison! 


Books (and audiobooks) are where I go for inspiration, motivation, entertainment and answers to the “big questions”. Lately I have been devouring books on entrepreneurship, meditation and spirituality, and personal growth. Check out some of my book recommendations on the Resources page!

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