Coaching & Consulting

You don’t have to do it all yourself

If you’re self-employed, starting a business or looking to up-level a business online, you’ve probably realized that sometimes you need help!

Whether you just need someone to bounce ideas off of, get advice or accountability, or technical help navigating your WordPress website — I’ve got you covered!

Just a few topics I offer help with. . .

  • Website functionality (how to integrate x,y,z) + Design/ Flow
  • What is your brand’s personality and how can it be visually expressed?
  • Who is your ideal audience and how do you reach them? (also- What “problem” do they have and how can I help them solve it?)
  • How can you serve more clients/ customers online (or pivot the whole business model)?
  • SEO: How does Google ranking work? What can you do to boost your SEO organically?
  • Email Marketing: Creating a “sales funnel” that helps build an email list
  • Content creation: Ideas & advice (blogs, videos, email newsletters, etc.)
  • Social Media: Where should you put your time & effort? When to pay for posts & ads?


Hourly consulting & coaching is available- only pay for what you need! I do not require an 3-month, 6-month or year long commitment like many coaches.

The Holistic Approach

WordPress Training

Looking for technical help? I offer virtual in-person training on WordPress & SEO- learn how to develop, update and add content to your site! Beginner to advanced.

Mindset & Goal-Setting

What’s the BIG WHY of your business? How does this business fit your lifestyle & financial goals? What’s holding you back from reaching those goals?

Marketing Strategy

Not sure how to grow your business online? We will discuss all possible marketing strategies and come up with a concrete plan of action!

Start Here

Holistic Business Consultation:

Not sure exactly what your business needs or where to start? Schedule an in-depth consultation and audit of your existing online presence (if you have one). We will spend up to 2 hours talking in person (or via Zoom) about what the bigger picture of your business is and how to take a holistic approach to improving it. Where do you want to take your business in the next year? What’s currently working and not working? Who are your ideal clients and how can you reach them?

We’ll look at existing branding, your website/ web presence, SEO (Google ranking), Social Media, etc. and make a comprehensive plan for how to move forward.  I will answer any questions you have and give you honest, useful feedback on building your brand and increasing revenue.

Ongoing coaching is available as well!

Your initial consultation is only $250, and if we end up working on a bigger project together (a new website or branding package), that fee is deducted from the overall cost.

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