Like most people (especially women, I would guess) I usually cringe when I see a photo of myself. Most of us are overly critical of the way we look and are especially aware of the awkward versions of ourself that are sometimes captured by the lens. So yesterday’s photo shoot with my friend Bobbie Harte (of Bobbie Harte Photography) was something that I was excited and nervous about. Bobbie and I have have been on a similar journey- we’re both creative women that didn’t “fit in” to typical corporate/ desk jobs so we spent much of our young lives working in the restaurant industry. Lately we’ve had a lot of great talks about finding the courage and persistence to strike out on our own as creative entrepreneurs.┬áHonestly, I never would have thought about getting professional portraits taken of myself until I talked to her and saw her portfolio of stunning work. Now I can’t imagine why everyone doesn’t do this- especially female entrepreneurs/ business owners/ freelancers. It was such a great exercise in self- confidence and now whenever I look at these photos I will see my “best self”- a strong, intelligent, focused woman. More photos on my Facebook page!

*Hair & Make-up by the amazingly talented Nicole at Bang Salon in Madison