WordPress Web Design, Development & Maintenance

Why is more than 30% of the internet is built using WordPress?! It’s a super versatile open-source Content Management System (CMS) that is constantly being updated and improved by the millions of people who use it. Businesses often see an immediate upswing in visibility when they switch to WordPress, because it has superior SEO (search-engine optimization) potential and is preferred by Google. So if you’re looking for a beautiful website that is easy to maintain, mobile-friendly, versatile enough to do whatever you need it to do, and will boost your Google ranking- switch to WordPress! (Read more in this blog post)

Branding & Print

A strong logo, defined color scheme and cohesive overall look are the most important elements of any business’ identity. Here are just a few examples of branding & print work that I have done for businesses, artists and entrepreneurs.¬†You can see more of my greeting card designs as well as some photography and digital art in my ETSY shop, Wanderlost Design.


Photography was my first love- ever since freshman year of high school when we made pinhole cameras! Nowadays I shoot whenever I can and especially enjoy travel photography. I also have experience photographing products for websites & print, people and events.

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