Here are some of my favorite tools & resources for business & personal growth and development!

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Business Organization + Content Creation Tools:


An awesome all-in-one client and project organizational tool. You can send invoices, communicate with clients (it links to your email inbox), create and manage projects, keep track of to-do lists, files, links, etc. . . and more!
Use this link to use it for free with your first 3 clients!

Quick Books Self-Employed

This has been a game-changer for me, as far as running my business and keeping track of my finances. You can send invoices and recieve payments, connect all of your bank accounts and SO easily organize your income & expenses. . . And the best part is that it automatically calculates your quarterly tax payments and makes yearly taxes a breeze!
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Awesome free (to a certain point) tool for creating really simple videos of you and/ or your screen. I use this to create “how to” videos for clients and online courses.
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I personally use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator for all my design needs, but those programs have a huge learning curve, so for my clients without a design degree I recommend Canva. It’s a free web-based software that allows you to design anything, or edit something that a designer made for you.
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There are a lot of email marketing platforms out there, but Mailchimp is the one I recommend to most of my clients, especially those who are just getting started. It’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers, but you can do so much more than just send e-newsletters! With Mailchimp, you can send automated emails, create landing pages & surveys, connect to Google or Facebook to create ads, and so much more!
Give it a try!

Flywheel (Hosting)

There are SO many hosting companies, and it can be very tempting to just pick the cheapest option. But this is such an important decision because it’s literally where your website lives! I have used dozens of hosting companies, and am usually frustrated and disappointed, but Flywheel is a game-changer. They have the BEST customer service, which is so important, especially if a site is having major problems. I can jump on chat with them, and someone is personally helping me within seconds. Also, they have the fastest site speeds, and free migration (if you’re moving from a different host), and all sites include an SSL certificate (which usually costs $75+ a year). Read more about web hosting here. 
Try Flywheel today! 


This is another great organizational tool, especially if you’re working with a team or regular clients. I love the checklist function, for keeping track of my “workflow” and have also used it on lots of team projects, so we can communicate via direct messaging in different “discussion” (or project) threads.
Try 3 months free! 

Good Reads for Entrepreneurs:

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You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

A wonderful, funny, uplifting book with so much useful advice. She opens up her personal struggles and successes in a very relatable way, with insights and exercises to apply to your life and business. One of my favorites of all time!

Great for: Female entrepreneurs who struggle with self-doubt and limiting beliefs (don’t we all?).

You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Yep, there’s a whole series. I actually read this book first and fell in love with Jen’s writing. In a lot of ways it’s similar to “You Are a Badass” with some of the same insights, but specifically focused on finances. Includes some excellent advice and specific exercises you can do to increase your financial health as a business owner or entrepreneur. A quick, entertaining read for people (like me) who are generally intimidated by finance books!

Great for: Entrepreneurs who are just getting started, or who are looking to make a leap in their financial situation. Especially ideal for anyone who wants to laugh and be entertained while getting great advice!

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Probably the most profound and impactful book I’ve ever read. Every single page has a sentence that will change your life. Mainly, it will help you identify how your ego is ruling your life, and what you can do about it. It’s just too good to explain. Read it.

Also Oprah did a series of podcasts with the author- one episode for each chapter!

Great for: Anyone on a spiritual journey, or looking for more purpose in their life. 

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

You’ve probably heard of or seen something by Tony Robbins, lifestyle guru, self help coach and (apparently) financial genius. Apparently this book is a mini-version of his much longer book “Money: Master the Game” which I haven’t read. . . yet. This is a great, short book that clearly and eloquently explains the basics of investing, with insight from a few of the world’s top financial gurus (and close personal friends of Tony’s) like Warren Buffet and some other rich white guys that I haven’t heard of. My favorite chapter, though, is the last one where Tony talks about the importance of understanding that money doesn’t equal happiness.

Great for: Entrepreneurs just getting started with investing (who also like a healthy dose of “woo woo” spirituality mixed in!) 

Women and Money by Suze Orman

Another great read for anyone looking to improve their finances (umm, everyone). Suze has been around for decades- remember when she was on Oprah about once a month in the 90s? She’s still around and this latest book by her (actually, it’s a revised/ updated version of an earlier book) is awesome. She acknowledges all of the ways that women have been, and continue to be, out of the conversation so often when it comes to money. And then she gives specific, actionable advice on how to take control of your finances, whether you’re 20 or 80 years old.

Great for: Women (and “the men smart enough to pay attention”) who want to take control of their finances once and for all. 

The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

This is the book that made me want to be self-employed, and more specifically location-independent Tim Ferris has become a guru to so many people in so many ways since this book came out. He himself is fascinating because he is interested in and involved in so many things, but it all started with this book, which conceptually was a revolution. Parts of it might be outdated at this point, but he lays out his experience of creating a business, growing it, and then taking it down to the studs- reconfiguring everything so that it can essentially run without him. Genius.

Great for: Employees or entrepreneurs who want to become digital nomads, location-independant workers, or freelancers without working long hours. 

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

What is your “zone of genius” and how can you live there every day, producing more abundance, joy, love and creativity than you ever thought possible? That’s the essential premise of this book, which poses a series of questions to help you hone in on your zone of genius. It also includes a brilliant chapter on “Enstein Time”, for those of us who feel like we are slaves to the clock!

Great for: Entrepreneurs who have found some success, but feel stuck and are ready to make the ‘big leap’ to their best and most productive selves. 

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Classic book that should be read frequently for inspiration and guidance. In this short book, the author simply and elegantly lays out 4 “agreements” that we can make with ourselves to lead a life of happiness and integrity.

Great for: Anyone looking for some clarity and focus for their life and business. The four agreements are so universal, they can be applied to any situation. 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

A fun, light read that explores the world of creativity in a whole new way. We are all conduits for universal creative energy, and this book will help you get in touch with it! 

Great for: Anyone who feels creative urges, or has unique ideas, but often has trouble acting on them. This book is from the perspective of a writer, and talks about making art, but is NOT only for artists- entrepreneurs and problem-solvers can benefit from it immensely. 

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